Monday, 18 February 2013

Day One

Our eyes have been well and truly opened!!!!!

After our very late/early arrival and very little sleep, we headed off to Mulago Hospital. 
We were greeted very warmly by the local staff, and they then gave us a guided tour of their hospital including the ENT ward and clinic. 
We also had a tour of the operating theatres. 
We were then split into groups where Mr Sunkaraneni, Dr Hili and Dr Joshi went off to clinic to assess some patients that could require surgical intervention whilst the ENT team were in Uganda.
Dr Patel and Mandy Vincent went off to the paediatric theatre to observe a laparotomy and bowel resection on a child of 6 days old,whilst Dr Saxena and Janet Maloney went to observe a depressed skull fracture.
 We also went into the anaesthetic department and have arranged with the head of anaesthesia to participate in an educational day to run interactive workshops.
To be continued......

The team gets split tomorrow, with Hersh going to Mbale Hospital for 4 days, with the rest of the team staying in Kampala.

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