Saturday, 2 February 2013

Final pre-trip meeting and the media

We had our last evening meeting last Monday to tie up loose ends and ask/answer last minute questions. Pretty much everyone is now vaccinated. Conversation centred around the merits of different anti-malarials, along with a little too much discussion about potential unpleasant side-effects!
We also had a meeting with a journalist from the Surrey Advertiser yesterday, who was very interested in our trip; the who, what and whys. The answers to the 'whys' from my future travelling companions were very pleasing.
We are all very interested in helping people in the developing world, whose access to the sort of healthcare we take for granted in the UK is very limited.
We all want to try and do our bit, not only for the patients, but also for the doctors/nurses/clinical officers, who also do not have access to the level of training that we UK doctors and nurses have had the privilege of experiencing.
T -15days and counting......


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